Step One - Consumer Protection/Identity Theft Vocabulary (print & practice vocab)

Step Two - Read about passwords and then watch this video to complete this form

Step Three - Using this PowerPoint, complete this notes worksheet (print and turn in)

Step Four - Game Day!! Using this document play these 5 games!

Step Five - Please research an identity theft or a fraud scam from this website and complete this document. Upload to Google Classroom. To avoid duplicates, please sign up for your topic.

Step Six - Create an infographic about the topic you chose - See Rubric


  • Explore online to see the various different infographics. Become familiar with what infographics are and what they look like.
    • A good basic overview of the history and use of information graphics is available on Wikipedia
    • Google examples of “good” and “bad” infographics.
  • Plan the “Story” your Infographic will tell. Items to include:
    • Specific Scam
    • Description of scam
    • How does the scam happen?
    • How can the scam be avoided? Must include personal tips to minimize fraud and identity theft.
    • What happens if you fell for the scam? What can you do now?
    • Include the website address, Twitter address, and phone number for the FTC and Attorney General from Michigan.

Creating: Use Canva

Step Seven -

Assessment & Vocabulary Quiz

Step Eight - Add your Poster to your online portfolio