Create Your Own "Real Life" Budget


Step One - Download this budget

Step Two - Are you married? (drawing)

Step Three - Choose a career & possibly a career for your spouse

  • Research what the monthly wage is for your career
  • Calculate the taxes you have to pay for the month

Step Four - What about college? Did you have to go to college for your career? If so, add the amount of your student loans. (Drawing)

Step Six - House - (drawing)

  • Draw to see what you house, condo or apartment payment is per month.


Step Six - Vehicles - (drawing)

  • Draw to see what vehicle you drive.
    • Research the cost of the vehicle on or another similar site
    • Calculate your monthly payment at Car Payment at Car Payment Calculator.
    • You have a 10% downpayment toward your car
    • Do this same thing for your spouse's car
  • Add the insurance

Step Seven - Gas (drawing)

  • Draw the location of your work then calculate the cost of gas for your car using a gasoline calculator- just Google it! There are many of them.
  • Do this same thing for your spouse


Step Eight - Pets (drawing)

  • Do you have any pets? Find out the monthly cost for owning your pet?


Step Nine - Keep adding the cards to see what your monthly "real life" budget amounts to

Step Ten - Assessment - are you within your budget?