Checking Accountscheckbook

Step One - Review the vocabulary for Checking Accounts using quizlet

Step Two - Complete Banking in Everfi - class code is 17d46044

Step Three - Review PowerPoint

Step Four - Reseach checking accounts

Step Five - Complete the Checkbook packet up to May31

Step Six - Home Filing System - Bring in a box or some type of filing container for the following folders. Select all that apply. (Must have at least 10) 100 points

Folder What to Keep There
Advisors List of names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses
of the important people in your financial life.
Auto Car or truck title and maintenance record.
Bank Accounts Keep your monthly statement until it is reconciled and the next
monthly statement has come in.
Bills Due Immediately after opening mail, file bills you have to pay
Contracts Legal agreements (like divorce papers) and employment
Credit Cards An annual credit report, your current monthly statement, and
older statements that contain expensive items that are under
warranty through your credit card company.
Education Enrollment records, diplomas, certificates, grade cards,
transcripts, and progress reports.
Employment Employee handbook and benefits handbook, paycheck stubs (the
most recent if cumulative data appears on the stub), employee
evaluations, current resumé.
Healthcare Medical records, vaccination information, receipts.
Home Repair and Maintenance Records and receipts for any home services, repairs, or
equipment (such as lawn mowers).
Insurance Any insurance policies you have: home, life, auto, medical,
personal property, and so on.
Investments Bank investment account statements, brokerage account records,
mutual fund statements, retirement plans, IRAs, and other
Loans All documents pertaining to a loan for as long as you owe money
on the loan.
Read Important financial materials that you’ll read at a more
convenient time. File it in the proper place after reading.
Tax Records W-2s, 1099s, charitable contribution receipts, and other items
pertaining to the current tax year. Keep tax returns and supporting
documents for at least three years.
To Do Pending finance-related projects.
Utilities Current monthly statements for water, gas, electric, phones,
and cable or satellite TV.
Warranties Keep warranty information on file until an item is no longer
under warranty.


Step Seven - Add to your Portfolio Page - See template

Step Eight - Assessment & Vocabulary

Need to know the following for the test:

  • Spelling of certain numbers
  • Write a check
  • Write out a deposit slip
  • Find an error in a check register
  • How to endorse a check
  • Reconcile a month
  • All vocabulary words